about kawaii kitchen cakes

kawaii kitchen cakes – sustainable bakery and plant-based patisserie is located in Berlin Mitte and was founded by Johanna Aoyama (certified for vegan bakery and patisserie by Konditoreninnung Berlin and Handwerkskammer Berlin) in 2019.

the cakes & where to find them

Exclusively upon order, I create all vegan macarons, cupcakes and mini tartes as well as cheesecakes, cookies, loaf cakes and layer cakes – perfect as a gift, as cake catering for your party or as a delicacy to treat yourself! All baked goods are made using mostly organic ingredients, sourced as locally as possible, from fair trade, if applicable. Read more on sustainability and my “baking with lots of love” philosophy here.

Based in the historical buildings of Alte Münze, the kawaii kitchen bakery is located centrally in Berlin, within walking distance of Alexanderplatz and Jannowitzbrücke, just next to the Spree.

Currently, we do unfortunately not take any orders, as we are building our new bakery. My apologies for the inconvenience! As soon as we re-open in early summer 2021, kawaii kitchen cakes will be available again for pre-order & collection at our bakery:

So why “kawaii” kitchen cakes?

“kawaii” is Japanese and means “cute, lovely, adorable”.

Growing up in Japan for a part of my childhood, I learned to appreciate the value of paying attention to details, like it is done often in Japanese food preparation – may it be the final touch of seasoning to achieve a delicious, balanced flavour, the effort to carry out a technique properly and obtain perfect consistency or the extra time spent to arrange decorative elements in an aesthetically pleasing way.

“kawaii kitchen” is my way of implementing those principles, to create sweet sensations with care, with attention to detail, using the best ingredients available – to bake with lots of love.

At kawaii kitchen cakes, every element of your cake is handmade from scratch. All recipes have been developed over years and always use natural ingredients, sourced ethically and as locally as possible. Every baked good is decorated individually, using edible, often handmade decorative elements to provide you with something delicious as well as kawaii & beautiful.