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Christmas Selection boxes || Christmas 2021 collection

Festive sweet treats, baked with lots of love, using all plant-based organic ingredients – perfect as a small gift or to enjoy with a cup of hot mulled wine. Choose your favourites from the collection below!

(your custom selection)

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Collection at the bakery is possible Thursdays-Sundays during our opening hours
sakura, Tieckstr. 8, 10115 Berlin – Thursday-Sunday – 9 am to 6 pm
Please order at least 1 week in advance, thank you!

Shipping is available for:

1st advent weekend – est. delivery Nov. 26th-29th orders closed!

2nd advent weekend – est. delivery Dec. 3rd-6th orders closed!

3rd advent weekend – est. delivery Dec. 10th-13th
last order: Saturday, Dec. 4th

4th advent weekend – est. delivery Dec. 17th-20th
last order: Saturday, Dec. 11th

christmas – est. delivery Dec. 21st-24th
last order: Wednesday, Dec. 15th

Christmas 2021 collection

Climate neutral shipping (Germany): + 9.0 €
collection at the bakery: no additional fees

Mix & match your individual selection of sweet treats #bakedwithlotsoflove!

Elisenlebkuchen (gluten free)

The juiciest gingerbread loaded with freshly ground nuts, a hint of orange & sweetened with dates.
Handmade with organic almonds and hazelnuts, organic spices and Belgian fair trade chocolate.

10.9 € – set of 2 Elisenlebkuchen (approx. 200-250g)
20.9 € – set of 4 Elisenlebkuchen (approx. 400-450g)

contain: almonds, hazelnuts

Snowball Cookies

Oh-so-“buttery” snowball cookie with toasted pecans, dusted with icing sugar – also known as “Mexican Wedding Cookies”.
Handmade with organic pecans, organic vegan “butter”, and fair trade icing sugar.

8.5 – set of 3 Cookies

contain: gluten (wheat), pecans

Pecan Pie

Flaky Pie Crust filled with ooey-gooey pecan maple filling & a crunchy caramel crust on top.
Handmade with organic pecans, house-made puff pastry, organic maple syrup & organic cinnamon.

8.9 – set of 2 slices

contains: gluten (wheat), pecans

Coconut Chai Bars

Juicy coconut bars, seasoned with a house-made chai spice blend.
Handmade with organic coconut, organic spices & lots of love.

4.9 – set of 2 bars
8.9 – set of 4 bars

contain: gluten (spelt)

Mini Marzipan Cinnamon Star Cookies

The cutest mini cinnamon star cookies, loaded with nuts & cinnamon, perfect as a tiny snack on the side.
Handmade with organic marzipan, freshly ground organic hazelnuts, organic Ceylon cinnamon.

6.5 – bag of Mini Marzipan Cinnamon Star Cookies (approx. 70g)

contain: almonds, hazelnuts, gluten (wheat)

Lemon Rosemary Sablés

Crispy, crumbly lemon sablé scented with rosemary. Handmade with organic lemons from Europe and regionally grown rosemary.

5.5 – set of 2 Sablés

contain: gluten (wheat)

Sakura Sablés

Our signature sablé, scented with japanese cherry blossoms.
Handmade with sakura from Japan and organic fair trade icing sugar.

5.5 – set of 2 Sablés

contain: gluten (wheat)

Assorted Christmas treats

12.0 – Assorted Christmas treats selection (S)
1 Elisenlebkuchen, 1 Lemon Rosemary Sablé, 1 Snowball Cookie & a handful of Mini Marzipan Cinnamon Star Cookies

18.0 – Assorted Christmas treats selection (M)
1 Elisenlebkuchen, 2 Lemon Rosemary Sablés, 2 Snowball Cookies & a handful of Mini Marzipan Cinnamon Star Cookies

24.0 – Assorted Christmas treats selection (L)
2 Elisenlebkuchen, 1 Lemon Rosemary Sablé, 1 slice of Pecan Pie, 1 Snowball Cookie & a bag of Mini Marzipan Cinnamon Star Cookies

contain: almonds, hazelnuts, gluten (wheat), pecans

(prices are shipping prices incl. 19% VAT for custom assembled gift boxes)

Selected gift items

Everything we offer is 100% plant-based and carefully chosen to offer you a fine selection of responsibly sourced items.

Hario Filter Coffee Equipment

Perfect for brewing V60 at home – the original from Japan.

6.9 – Hario V60 Filter Papers size 02 (pack of 100 filters)

23.9 – Ceramic V60 Dripper size 02 (color: white)
29.0 + pack of 100 Hario Filter Papers

29.9 – Ceramic V60 Dripper size 02
(color: pastel pink)
35.0 + pack of 100 Hario Filter Papers

contains: no allergens

SUSUMU AI Scrunchies

Handsewn in Berlin by the German-Japanese Fashion Label SUSUMU AI. Made from original japanese fabrics.

Available as sakura edition or asanoha black or white.
(limited quantities only!)

19.9 – SUSUMU AI Scrunchie “black sakura”

19.9 – SUSUMU AI Scrunchie “asanoha white”

19.9 – SUSUMU AI Scrunchie “asanoha black”

contain: no allergens

Festive beverages

Rosé Spumante Pizzolato is an Italian organic sparkling wine – dry, juicy with notes of peach and raspberries, goes very well with our baked goods (obviously).

Heißer Hirsch is our favourite organic hot mulled wine – not overly sweet, with a well balanced blend of spices. Takes you into the holiday spirit on cozy afternoons with family & friends!

6.9 – 1 Piccolo Rosé Spumante Pizzolato (0.2 L)

4.9 – 1 bottle of Heißer Hirsch (0.75 L)

contain: no allergens

VOTE coffee

carefully roasted in Berlin and transparently sourced by VOTE COFFEE ROASTERY. Available for you to enjoy at our café & also to prepare at home.

12.5 – MORGEN Blend (250g)

15.5 – KOROMII (250g)

8.5 – Origami Drip Bags – KOROMII
5x filter coffee for a single cup.

contain: no allergens

The MORGEN Blend is a blend of Brazilian and Ethiopian specialty grade coffee beans, and our Espresso of choice to accompany our cakes and pastries. Progressive and sweet as espresso, and wonderfully fruity in oat milk drinks as well.

The KOROMII is an Ethiopian coffee, originating from the Sookoo Group farms, natural processed. Taste notes are peach ice tea, orange blossoms, raspberries. This coffee is an omni-roast (suitable for both espresso & filter brewing) – however at sakura, it’s our current choice for filter coffee.

Also available as filter coffee drip bags. Perfect for traveling or just to brew a single cup at home. 100% biodegradable materials.

Prana Chai Vegan Blend

Handcrafted with all natural ingredients. A blend of whole spices, agave syrup and black tea. At sakura, we infuse hot oat milk with this beautiful blend to prepare a heart-warming beverage for you, best to be enjoyed on a cold winter day.

Ingredients: premium black tea, agave syrup, cinnamon, cardamom, star anise, cloves, peppercorn, ginger root. Serves 15 cups per 250g.

15.5 – Prana Chai Vegan Blend (250g)

contains: no allergens

sakura coffee cup & saucer sets

Heavy porcelain quality to maintain temperature of your favourite beverage for a long time. Comes in pastel pink and the perfect shape for latte art. Available as Latte Cup (0.3L), Cappuccino Cup (0.2L) or the most adorable Espresso Cup (0.07L).
(limited quantities only!)

12.9 – Espresso Cup & Saucer Set

13.9 – Cappuccino Cup & Saucer Set

14.9 – Latte Cup & Saucer Set

contain: no allergens

sakura tote “believe in tomorrow & have your cake too”

100% organic fair trade cotton.
believe in tomorrow & have your tote too.

12.9 – sakura tote

contains: no allergens

(prices are shipping prices incl. 19% VAT)

All Christmas sets will be assembled as a gift box for shipping, or as a festive gift bag for collection at the bakery.

Every Christmas set comes with an addition of a handful of organic nuts & the most delicious organic Christmas fruit. As a service (free of charge), you can add a custom message to each set – a personal greeting to your loved ones.

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