Celebrating summer – Rhubarb Guglhupf with Ginger Icing

About one year ago, I graduated from my Bachelor’s program. Guess what the first thing I did afterwards was – yep, you’re right: it was baking. After all these long days in the lab, baking without time pressure and smelling and tasting freshly harvested ingredients again was so fulfilling! At the farmer’s market, I had found … More Celebrating summer – Rhubarb Guglhupf with Ginger Icing

Apple crumble cake

Spring is slowly approaching, even here in Berlin. In between grey and rainy days there are glimpses of the earliest colorful flowers detectable as well as the warmth of the first few sunny afternoons. With the fading grey, a new spirit of life also seems to return, which makes me kinda happy and feel alive again! … More Apple crumble cake

Kü Ché – a creative space & living room café

A new café, run by students, opened up in my town. It’s not just a café, rather supposed to be a place for hanging out, being creative, meeting people, and having some coffee and cake. About two weeks ago, a friend of mine posted about the opening of this café called Kü-Ché (“küche” means kitchen … More Kü Ché – a creative space & living room café

Ultimate Chocolate Cake

I think every passionate baker (no matter if amateur or professional) has got his or her “Ultimate Chocolate Cake” recipe (maybe except for those people who don’t like chocolate). When I started baking on my own and discovering new recipes, there was a LOT of chocolate involved. I remember making chocolate wafers, then American Chocolate … More Ultimate Chocolate Cake